We respect the process of making a product by involving local artisans, sourcing locally and ensuring zero waste. We make natural dye materials that are easily available in the environment such as flowers, seeds, roots and leaves. Arane believes in creating value rather than just a need for consumption through our products. We wish to spread awareness about slow fashion and inspire people to make the right decision by providing sustainable alternatives for our customers.


Ecoprinting as alternative fashion for sustainable living. This is part of slow fashion movement which is rooted in Indonesians local wisdom. Its about extracting leaf, stem, and root as color and shape as well on the fabrics. Giving workshop along with collecting endemic plants around Indonesia are our another missions.


There are three things to be considered when craftmen want to make ecological friendly art-fabric that has micro impact or limited in the context of that technique itself, which are (1) natural material elements, (2) water saving, (3) other energy saving - like kerosene, gas or electricity used during the process of natural dyeing production. The fabrics used in the production of Arane are derived from nature like hemped, cotton fiber, silk, banana leaf and pineapple fibers. Clothing products are made from machinery woven fabric while scarf products are made by traditional and manual loom tool. At this time, Arane has sold more ecoprint scarves in its outlet than another kind of batik function, so it has used more manual loom woven fabric.

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