Care Instructions

All of our natural dyes we use derive from roots, barks, leaves, or wood from various plants according to the geographical positions of the artisans. With natural colorants, we only use natural fibers in our garments so that it may blend well together.
Your ARANE's wear are unique to its own, with handmade dyes, we put a lot of indigenous local technique which approach to our products.   Natural dye is different with synthetic dye, its color may change when subjected to harsh sunlight or certain chemicals. Although it may fade overtime, when taken care of properly it will age well.  

1. Pre-wash your newly bought ARANE's wear by hand with cold water.
2. Iron with medium temperature.
4. Your ARANE's wear is ready to fit your days

Caring for your ARANE's wear :
1. Turn inside out and hand-wash with cold water.
2. When using the washing machine, put the product inside a fine-mesh net or a bag and put the settings to delicate.
3. Do not use chemical-dependent detergent because it may alter the color.
4. Separate the dark colors from the light in the first two to three washes.
5. Only use natural or eco detergents such as “lerak” (commonly used for Batik)
6. No bleach or dry clean.
7. Do not let natural dyed goods come into direct contact with sunlight, when drying outside please dry in shaded area.
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